Easy and rapid creation of professional quality 3D graphics for Flash and Web Developers:
No more programmer art!
  • Straight-forward paradigm: Create animated sprites for the foreground and 3D scenes as background. Combine them or use them by itself
  • No 3D knowledge required to create: Everything is drag & drop, and with instant results rendered by your 3D hardware (DirectX 9 based)
  • Optimized for tasks which are very difficult to do in other tools, like exact control over animations, frames, lights, masks, shadows etc. for perfectly matching sets of sprites
  • Inspired by sound synthesizers, the visual flow-chart style editing allows easy and powerful control. You can choose from a selection of modules and re-wire them for complex rendering jobs
  • Automatic and fully customizable code generation for Javascript, DHTML, ActionScript 2.0, OpenLaszlo
  • Supported output formats: SWF, FLV, JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF and Animated GIF
  • You are not restricted to the standard realistic 3D look: Use the supplied real-time rendering styles (cartoon, sepia, night vision, etc.) to achieve the visual effect you are looking for
  • Included Render Style Editorallows unlimited possibilities to create your very own visual style
Human Actor Sprites
  • Using the Actor Studio the 3D actors can be clothed by simple drag & drop operations
  • The Face Editor allows you to create any face you like - just by adjusting sliders
  • The clothing can be recolored, etc.
  • It is possible to create fully new and original outfits due to the open nature of the system
  • The actors are fully articulated and have facial expressions
  • The actors can be animated (e.g. walk cycles) into sprite sequences (e.g. Flash Movie Clips)
Other Item Sprites ("Things")
  • More than a thousand items (furniture, lights, gadgets, etc.) are supplied
  • Material Editor with bump map + gloss map support
  • All items can be interactively recolored with materials
  • Tools for advanced users to create their own items and outfits are supplied

  • The background editor supports indoor/outdoor spaces, advanced materials, particle system effects, point lights, spot lights, projected lights, animated lights, shadows: Again, everything is created by dragging & dropping with true what-you-see-is-what-you-get support
  • Pre-supplied space templates
  • Optional orthographic projection for easy creation of "Isometric" worlds
  • Animated camera for creating "moving" backgrounds
  • Optional "layered" output for simulated depth effects
  • Background geometric information can be exported into code (e.g. ActionScript) for 3D hit testing in 2D displays

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